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Take steps to mitigate the risk of ransomware attacks

Ransomware attacks have a damaging impact on schools, with a significant amount of recovery time and resources required to reinstate systems. According to the Australian Cyber Security Centre, the education sector reported the most ransomware incidents, of all reporting sectors in 2021–22, rising from fourth in 2020–21.

Increase your resilience against ransomware attacks and implement an effective defence with Secure Schools. 

How schools and groups can mitigate the risk of ransomware

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    Identify gaps in your cyber security to reduce the risk of an attack

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    Implement a cyber incident response plan, in the event of an attack

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    Ensure you meet the latest guidance on ransomware recovery for schools

How Secure Schools helps schools build defences against ransomware


Deliver cyber security awareness training

Support staff to understand their role in cyber security


Perform relevant phishing simulations

Train staff to spot phishing emails using our school-relevant templates


Build your school’s cyber policy and strategy

Generate policies in minutes, including a cyber incident management plan

Try Secure Schools policy builder, awareness training, and phishing simulator

Talk to a Secure Schools expert about the threat of ransomware and other attacks

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Understanding ransomware

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