The School Cyber Security Handbook

Every year, schools and multi-academy trusts in England and Wales are expected to meet increasing cyber security expectations from authorities and stakeholders. Navigating which requirements apply to your organisation can be complex, even before you begin to implement them.


The school cyber security handbook is here to help. We’ve outlined the different expectations and whether they apply to your setting, all in one place. Whilst not all expectations apply to all schools, their guidance is useful advice for all organisations.


We include
The Department for Education Cyber Security Standards 2022
This applies to all schools in England

Released last academic year, the cyber security standards place minimum expectations that all schools should meet. Schools not meeting these standards should work towards them as a priority.


Academy Trust Handbook 2023
This applies to all academy trusts in England

We outline the cyber security musts in the handbook and the relevant sections from the internal scrutiny section.


Governance Handbook and Welsh Government Guidance
These apply to all schools in England and Wales

Both Welsh and English governments place cyber security expectations on school governing bodies. 


These expectations are based on the National Cyber Security Centre’s (NCSC) questions for governors and school leaders.


RPA (Risk Protection Agreement) Cover Eligibility Requirements

This applies to all members of the DfE’s RPA for schools

The RPA is an alternative to commercial insurance and to qualify, schools must meet certain conditions of cover, which we outline in the handbook. Many of these link to the cyber security standards and the NCSC questions for governors and school leaders.


Throughout the handbook, we link to these requirements and outline how we can support you to meet them.



How can Secure Schools help?

Our cyber security experts have been working with schools since 2018 and can support you to meet the requirements outlined in the handbook. Contact them here to discuss your needs.